Board of Investigators and Advisors

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The Board of Investigators and Advisors (BIA) provides students charged with a violation with a BIA member to guide the student through their assigned process. BIA members do not represent students in either an Administrative Hearing or Summary Action. Instead, they meet with students to explain the process, the charges assigned to the student, possible outcomes, and they answer any additional questions the student may have. For both Summary Action meetings and Administrative Hearings, the BIA member will attend the meeting or the hearing at the discretion of the student. At times when BIA members are not available, the Dean of Students, or designee, may work with students to secure an appropriate alternative to support/guide the student through the process. The BIA member, or designee, is the only advisor person a student may have present with them in the hearing, unless otherwise permitted in these procedures.

Students scheduled for an Administrative Hearing will be assigned an advisor from the BIA. Students scheduled for a Summary Action meeting may request an advisor from the BIA.

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