Steps Remaining in the Code Review Process:

  • March 16 – Public Comment Period Opens
  • April 8/9 – Meeting of Review Committee
  • April 15/16 – 2nd Meeting of Review Committee, if necessary
  • April 22/23 – 3rd Meeting of the Review Committee, if necessary
  • Legal Review
  • Approval by Dr. Penny Rue, Vice President for Campus Life

Complete Code Review Timeline:

Infographic on the 2019-2020 Code Review Process. Full text: Header: Code Review Process Caption 1:The Wake Forest Student Code of Conduct is once again undergoing review in an attempt to ensure that it is always the most up-to-date and fair for all students. This review was focused on particular issues, but the Code is always subject to additional review and change. Phase 00: The Goal Description: Review the Student Code of Conduct to ensure that the language is inclusive, the grammar is correct, and the organizational conduct section is complete. Phase 01: Prepare Proposal Description: The Dean of Students staff & partners monitor the current code's application & language and do a full review with proposed changes. Phase 02: Committee Review Description: Committee of Students, Faculty, and Staff review entire Code, with focus on any proposed changes & invite experts for further discussion when necessary. Phase 03 [Current Phase] Description: Everyone is encouraged to visit the website where all proposed changes are listed and provide feedback on those changes. While this review is focused on grammar, inclusive language, and organizational conduct, all comments are welcome including comments about unchanged Code language. Phase 04: Final Approval Committee will reconvene to review all comments and feedback to determine if further changes should be made. Committee will submit final document for approval by Legal Counsel and Vice President Rue.]


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