Limited Operation (New Section)

The section below is a new section. It was created to separate the interim action procedures for individuals and for groups.

Based on the nature of an Organization’s alleged behavior, the Dean of Students, or designee, may impose an interim action prior to the completion of the conduct process regarding alleged violations of the Code of Conduct. Limited Operations Status may be imposed when:

  1. The Organization and its operation poses a significant threat of serious harm to any members of the University community, visitors, or guests;
  2. It is necessary to preserve University property or the property of any members of the University Community, including visitors or guests; and/or
  3. It is necessary to prevent significant disruption of, or interference with, the normal operations of the University

The Types of Limited Operations are as follows:

The Organization is prohibited from continuing part or all of its operations without express permission from the Dean of Students, or designee. This may include, but is not limited to:

  1. All Organizational operations and member and new member activities;
  2. Social events, intramural competition, service or philanthropy initiatives under the Organization’s name or any other name;
  3. New member program: All meetings and activities of the New Member program must cease. Organization officers and all members are restricted from communicating with New Members;
  4. Other Organizational activities deemed pertinent to the circumstances for which the notice of limited operations is being utilized.

Any violation of Limited Operations directives could result in additional charges and sanctions.

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