Honor & Ethics Quiz

To All First Semester Wake Forest University Students:

Welcome to Wake Forest University and the many personal and academic growth opportunities you will encounter here. As a member of the Wake Forest community, your college experience will be closely aligned with the principles of honor and ethical conduct.

You will notice an Honor and Ethics icon on your desktop. The quiz is located online and may be accessed by going to https://sakai.wfu.edu/portal/ and logging on with your username and password.

  1. Select “2017 Ethics Quiz” in your course listing along the top of the page.
  2. Select “Tests & Quizzes” from the choices on the left side of the page.
  3. Select “Ethics Quiz”.
  4. Select “Begin Assessment”.

The quiz should take you no more than one hour to complete.

Each first semester Wake Forest student is expected to complete the Ethics Quiz no later than October 7, 2017. Failure to successfully complete the quiz within this timeframe constitutes a violation in the Student Handbook of “Failure to Comply with the Directions of University Officials”. This will result in judicial consequences, which could lead to the possibility of your inability to register for spring 2018 classes.

Please make it a point to take the quiz at some point prior to the above deadline. Each student’s completion of the Honor and Ethics Quiz will be verified by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Office of the Dean of Students