2020-21 Undergraduate Student Handbook

Academic and Social Conduct of Undergraduate Students


It is expected that all members of the Wake Forest community will strive to live in and to promote an environment that not only recognizes individuality, but also fosters collegiality, respect for the rights and privileges of others, and responsibility for individual and group actions. When undergraduate students fail to meet these expectations, the University, through a conduct system, will determine the nature and extent of infractions and impose appropriate sanctions.

According to the charter of the University, the Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for the University and for its operation. Each student is responsible for his or her own conduct. The Board of Trustees has charged the faculty and the administration to set forth requirements for the orderly behavior of undergraduate students.

Students should be mindful of the University’s expectations regarding their academic and social behaviors. The University will discourage violations by imposition of sanctions, including, but not limited to loss of on-campus housing, suspension, or expulsion, as defined by applicable policies and procedures.