Student Conduct

In support of the University’s mission and the mission of the Division of Campus Life, the Student Conduct Office upholds standards of conduct to promote a civil community dedicated to the highest standards of honor and ethical conduct, and promotes a positive and safe living and learning environment for all members of the University community. Through a system of fair and efficient due process, students are held accountable for their actions on campus, within the local community and beyond.

Student Code of Conduct

Wake Forest University endorses as a basic principle of University life the concept of responsible student freedom, which carries with it the recognition by each student of the rights and obligations of other members of the University community.

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The Honor System

The honesty, trustworthiness, and personal integrity of each student is integral to the life and purposes of the Wake Forest community. When a student signs an application for admission to Wake Forest, they agree to live by one of our oldest traditions, the honor system.

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The Conduct Process

WFU provides a step-by-step conduct process for students, including a confidential hearing, access to a Student Advisor, and the ability to file an appeal.