Wake Forest University is firmly committed to principles of honor and ethical conduct. The Honor Code embodies a spirit of trust, which pervades all aspects of student life. Each student’s word should be worthy of trust. A violation of trust is an offense against the community. Membership in the student body signifies a student’s commitment to the Honor Code and judicial system. It is the responsibility of every student to act honorably in all phases of student life, to understand student rights and responsibilities, and to preserve the integrity of the Honor Code.

The Honor System is an integral part of living and learning in our community with its values and ethos. The information shared will assist you as you navigate the course of your Wake Forest career. Also, please bear in mind that while the University does not seek to micro-manage your life, you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make. Violations of the Honor Code are documented and become a part of your academic record, which is a reflection of your personal Wake Forest legacy.

For other information on this matter, please consult the Code of Conduct.