Student Conduct Record Disclosure Policy

The Record Disclosure Policy replaces the expungement policy. The Judicial Council reviewed the records disclosed in the expungement policy and made modifications in Spring 2020.

To request your own Student Conduct Record, please go to this link:

  • Conduct Records

    Conduct Records

    This procedure covers the official release of information regarding the university-level academic and non-academic conduct of students and former students. The Office of the Dean of Students is the official reporting source for all official University conduct processes, including: academic honor code, non-academic honor code, university-wide conduct, Title IX Office, and similar.

    Department-level or office-level policy or procedure concerns, such as violations of the Office of Residence Life and Housing Guide to Community Living; an individual academic department violation such as fines or policies related to breakage of glassware in a laboratory course; or university-wide or departmental employment records are not maintained by the Office of the Dean of Students and are not covered by this policy.

    Conduct System Record Disclosure

    A student has a Student Conduct Record if they are found responsible for a violation of the Undergraduate Student Code of Conduct, the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy, or the Honor Code. This procedure covers the release of information from Student Conduct Records.

    Internal Disclosure of Records:

    In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), University officials with a legitimate educational interest (such as study abroad programs reviewing a student’s eligibility for study abroad, scholarship review committees, etc.) may review a student’s Student Conduct Record in the Office of the Dean of Students.

    External Disclosure of Records:

    Wake Forest will disclose information from a Student Conduct Record to a third party with written authorization of the student, written authorization of the student’s legal representative, and as compelled by a legal process.  Wake Forest may also disclose information from a Student Conduct Record when otherwise permitted by FERPA.

  • Procedures


    This disclosure procedure is effective on 7/1/2020.

    Requesting Disclosure

    To request external disclosure, the student or student’s legal representative should complete this form: Legal process requests should be directed as certified copies to the Office of the Dean of Students by mail or e-mail.

    Information subject to disclosure

    • Suspension, Expulsion:
      • Any offense resulting in a sanction of Suspension or Expulsion.
      • Disclosed information will include findings leading to suspension or expulsion. Findings may include egregious or persistent alcohol or other drug violations, progressive findings of harm to members of the community, or findings which repeatedly endanger the community.
    • The following violations for which the student was found responsible:
      • Honor Code
        • Theft (value of item/s more than $500)
        • Deception (not including possession or use of false identification to change age)
        • Plagiarism
        • Cheating
      • The Sex and Gender Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Title IX Sexual Harassment and Non-Title IX Sexual Misconduct Grievance Procedures
      • Undergraduate Student Conduct Code
        • Illegal Drugs (use, possession, manufacture, sale, distribution of, transportation of) excluding findings for Possession or Use of Marijuana/Cannabis. Alcohol misuse and Marijuana/Cannabis violations will be disclosed if the violation results in a suspension or expulsion.
        • Weapons
        • Verbal Abuse
        • Harm to Others
        • Threatening Behavior
        • Harassment
    • The date of the incident
    • The date when the student was found responsible for a violation
    • Sanction completion status
    • If authorized, the following information will also be disclosed:
      • All sanctions implemented
      • A brief summary of the incident
    • Pending hearing: Students with allegations and a pending hearing may have a notation of the hearing reported, stating: “This individual has a pending hearing that, if found responsible, would be disclosed externally.”

    Legal disclosure

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, information disclosed pursuant to legal process will include all information and records that are responsive to the request.

Policy last revised on August 20, 2020.