The Honor & Ethics Council

The Honor & Ethics Council is the central deliberative body in the student judicial system. Its hearing panels are responsible for adjudicating all honor and conduct cases that are not heard administratively. The Honor Code concerns itself with the academic integrity of the institution and its students. Conduct cases implicate violations of the University’s standards of community responsibility.

Honor & Ethics Council for 2017-2018


Dr. Terry Blumenthal

Dr. Christa Colyer, Co-Chair

Dr. Mary Friedman

Dr. Carole Gibson

Dr. Leigh Ann Hallberg

Dr. Miaohua Jiang

Dr. Tom Phillips, Co-Chair

Dr. Michael Pisapia

Dr. Sue Rupp

Dr. Akbar Salam

Dr. Erica Still

Dr. Olga Valbuena-Hanson


Sajant Anand

Alex Althans

Morgan Briggs

Jonathan (Noah) Dill

Terrance (Scott) Franc

Madison Hoff

Dylan King

Tatianaide Medina Nieto

Rachel Schwam

Ray Villani

Anne Miller Welborn