The Honor System at WFU

The honesty, trustworthiness, and personal integrity of each student is integral to the life and purposes of the Wake Forest community. This statement is embodied in one of our oldest traditions, the honor system (The Honor Code). In signing an application for admission to Wake Forest, a student agrees to live by the honor system at Wake Forest. In specific terms that means that students have agreed not to deceive (lie to) any member of the community, not to steal from one another, not to cheat on academic work, not to plagiarize academic work, and not to engage in any other form of academic misconduct. It means that we can trust each other, and that we willingly accept responsibility for our own conduct and activities. This is a tradition that goes back to the founding of Wake Forest, and with your participation, it continues to be a cornerstone of our community and our interactions with one another.

Statement of Principle

Wake Forest is a community of men and women that seeks the enlightenment and freedom which come through diligent study and learning. An even higher goal, however, is to give life to the University motto, Pro Humanitate, as the passion for knowledge is translated into compassionate service.

A tradition is shared that embraces freedom and integrity and that acknowledges the worth of the individual. This heritage, established by the founders and nurtured by succeeding generations, promotes a democratic spirit arising from open-mindedness and discourse.

Wake Forest fosters compassion and caring for others. Its collective strength and character are derived from the values and distinctive experiences of each individual; therefore, the richness of human intellect and culture is affirmed in its contribution to knowledge, faith, reason, and dialogue. Furthermore, Wake Forest strives toward a society in which good will, respect, and equality prevail. To that end, hatred and bigotry in any form are rejected, and justice, honor, and mutual trust are promoted.

Honors and Ethics Council Members 2021-2022

The Honor and Ethics Council hears cases of academic misconduct.


Dr. Erica Still, Co-Chair

Dr. Ellen Kirkman, Co-Chair

Dr. George Aldhizer

Dr. Diana Arnett

Dr. Polly Black

Dr. Tina Boyer

Dr. Remi Fournier Lanzoni

Dr. Justin Jennings

Dr. Rob Hellyer

Dr. Tommy Leung

Dr. Frank Moore

Dr. Anthony Sali

Dr. Stan Thomas

Prof. Mairia Encarna Turner

Dr. Pieternella van Doorn-Harder

Dr. Abbie Wrights


Brooke Blair

Landon Bradshaw

Jordan Buzzett

Vanessa Christabel

Zac Contreras

Tal Feldman

Katherine Izzo

William Liu

Matthew Lobel

Alex Lubsey

Ben Raiford