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Definition of Terms

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  • Distilled Beverage
  • Liquor
  • Malt Beverage
  • Public Display
  • Public Intoxication
  • Unfortified Wine

Alcoholic Beverage: Any liquid containing at least one-half percent (0.5%) alcohol by volume, including beer, wine, malt beverages, liquor, or mixed drinks.

Alcohol Paraphernalia: Any material, product, instrument, or item used to create, distribute, manufacture, use, conceal, or ingest alcohol.

Bar/Tavern: An establishment for the sale of beer and other drinks to be consumed on the premises, sometimes also serving food for which >50% of revenue comes from the sale of alcohol.

BYOB: A social event where individuals bring their own Alcoholic Beverage. If an event is designated as “BYOB,” collective purchasing of alcohol (by members or non-members of the sponsoring organizations) is prohibited.

Common Source Containers: Kegs, coolers, and similar containers of Alcoholic Beverages intended to serve as a source of such beverages for multiple persons at a party or other gathering.

Designated Areas: locations on the Reynolda campus where Students and their guests of legal age may consume Alcoholic Beverages. The following are Designated Areas: residential living spaces within residence halls, leased lounges, independent lounges, common spaces in apartment-style living suites, Shorty’s, Zick’s, and at special event venues during registered events.

Distribution: “Sharing” or providing access to alcohol or other drugs. It does not require the exchange of money, goods, or services.

Drug: A chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being; a habit-forming medicinal or illicit substance, especially a narcotic.

Drug Paraphernalia: Any material, product, instrument, or item used to create, manufacture, distribute, use (ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing any drug into the body), conceal, or otherwise manipulate any drug and includes, but is not limited to, hypodermic needles, syringes, bongs, vaporizers, or pipes.

Possession: Transportation, ownership, control, or consumption of an Alcoholic Beverage or Drug. Students are presumed more likely than not to be in possession if the item is found in their room, vehicle, belongings, or other space within their direct or indirect control. More than one individual may have possession of an Alcoholic Beverage or Drug.

Primary Container: The original packaging (including cans, bottles, boxes, or other packaging) in which an Alcoholic Beverage is distributed by the manufacturer.

Registered: Any social event that has been approved and recorded by the Office of Student Engagement, or other appropriate office.

Secondary Container: Any device into which an Alcoholic Beverage has been transferred from its primary container. Also, any cup or container used to conceal the identity of the Alcoholic Beverage (such as a Koozie).

Student Organization: Any University-recognized organization, club, or otherwise formally or informally structured student group.

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Anonymous says:

In the possession section of the page where it says “Possession: Transportation, ownership, control, or consumption” I recommend adding the word distribution to be even clearer on what falls liable under it.

Anonymous says:

What products consist of the manufacturing, use, concealing, or ingestion of alcohol? I believe there should be a clearer definition of these objects as a whole.