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Anonymous says:

I appreciate the mention and acknowledgment of “valuing the individuality of each person and their lived experiences.” I would like to know exactly how does the university plan to do this? What are examples of the “lived experiences” that are being referred?

Anonymous says:

I appreciate the commitment to “valu[ing] the individuality of each person and their lived experiences,” but how is the university going to do this? There should be examples of what that looks like in practice. Per the university’s own guidance on realizing inclusion, diversity, and equity, explicit commitments are best, so I would love a little more clarity.

Anonymous says:

Code of Conduct Section: “The resulting findings” is not explicitly clear to me in this section. I think further clarification would be helpful as well as providing an example.

Anonymous says:

“Conduct Panel” or “Panel“hearing panel” includes the group of individuals who hear cases of alleged student and/or organizational”
From a student’s perspective, I think that the term organizational misconduct is not clearly defined as it pertains to the context of this section of the Student Conduct.

Jack Lewis says:

How do you “value the individuality of each person and their lived experiences.” Isn’t it just you did it or not? Or are you going to set up a system where there are different standards for different people?