Public Comment: Proposed Changes to Student Handbook

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We appreciate your willingness to participate in updating the Student Handbook.

Please be aware that this is a moderated process and abusive posts will be deleted. When leaving a comment, keep in mind the following questions:

1. What objective is this policy/procedure trying to meet? How does it fail?
2. Can you suggest an alternative to the language proposed?
3. How would the alternative language meet the same objective or be more effective?

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In the process of editing and updating the Wake Forest Student Code of Conduct, two model codes and other universities’ codes of conduct were used. The two model codes used were:

(1) The NCHERM Model Code: A model code created by The National Center for Higher Education Risk Management, a practitioners group, that was developed with a focus on private colleges and universities.

(2) The Stoner Lowery Model Code: A model code created by two scholars, Edward N. Stoner II & John Wesley Lowery, that was developed with a focus on public colleges and universities.